• The Importance of Mitigation
    ↪ 2016-03-16 15:40:18

    SLEMAN (KRjogja.com) - The level of disaster vulnerability in Yogyakarat is high. Volcanic eruptios, landslides, destructive wind and flood require disaster preparedness as mitigation.

    This is the reason behind the Center for the Study of Disaster Management (PSMB) Universitas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Yogyakarta to hold a Disaster Management Training, as a series of Jogja Earthquake Reflection 2016 and Disaster Prepared Campus. Activities take place from wednesday to thursday (2-4, 12, 2015) in UPN Babarsari Campus. These activities are also based on experience of Mount Merapi eruption in 2010.Where UPN was one of the refuge camp.

    " At that time, we were not responsive enough. Even opening the gate of auditorium should be faster. The respond of internal campus also were not responsive enough. In fact, when the refugees in UPN auditorium reched 3,000 people, "said Budiman Lestanto MHum to KRjogja.com before the event started.

    Given the disaster is inevitable, although we do not know the exact time, disaster management is needed. Everyone should be alert to disaster, does not have to be stakeholder, literally everyone. Including educational institutions, such as lecturers and acedemic staff. "Do not let them stutter again when disaster occured, do not care, and look at the disaster as something only to watch." said Geological Engineering lecturer.

    Meanwhile Arif Nugroho Budi Rianto MSifrom PSMB UPN "V" Yogyakarta explain why lecturers selected as participants of this training workshop. Because the three tasks of lecturer, teaching, research, and community service. The issue of disaster is part of the three components. Arif recognized that not all lecturers familiar with disaster, for it they gave courses and knowledge on disaster.

    "Although they do not go directly to community. At least lecturers can share the knowledge to the goverment and make a master plan for disaster ." he added. (AWH) Translated by (HIS)